Pastor B Bio

Pastor Brian D. Scott Pastor B’s – BIO

img_1398-zPastor Brian Scott has been under God’s divine plan for his life at a very early age. Brian was raised and nurtured in the church by his mother. Mary Ann Scott raised her three sons’ as a single mother with a “Heavenly Mission” to birth strong, productive and God Fearing Men. Despite their very humble beginnings on the inner city housing projects. Accepting God at the age of 9, Brian begins on his journey to becoming a MAN of God.

In Brian’s early years of training was based in home bible studies, church youth leadership positions and state Jr. Deacons/ Layman’s Assignments. Pastor Scott being raised in the Baptist Church provided a solid foundation on GOD’S Word. Pastor Brian was mentored and trained by some great men of God; Rev. Leroy Beverly, Zion Unity Baptist Church. which prophesied over him that he would be a” GREAT PREACHER” of the Word.

Rev. Arthur Johnson, Friendship Baptist Church, which imparted the teachings of the GOD like Faith to call things into existence. Also Rev. Ronald Covington which still to this day believes and teaches that a” GREAT MAN OF FAITH, MUST BE A GREAT MAN OF GOD’S VISION.”

Brian believed the Word of God, and was not a HEARER ONLY. He applied all his spiritual knowledge to his natural life. Brian become a very highly popular athlete and student and holds two state championships in football at Ben Davis High School. In addition, he holds several state records. Brian started to see the favor of God on his life, and watching God keep his promises that he made to Abraham, Now to Brian. To make his name great prospered everything he laid this hands to. After, God has blessed Brian in Indiana, where he had the pick of any college or career at this point of his young life. God required an “ACT OF FAITH “

Move to Atlanta, GA is what GOD said in 1991. If you don’t you will die. (Brian heard GOD’s Voice) and obeyed. Because, of crack and drug dealers in the neighborhood, It became a concrete village, Brian saw a lot of his close friends being killed or going to jail. Even in the mist of darkest, Brian’s light shined. The drug dealers would give him money to stay off the street and away from the block of death. They would stay “Lil B don’t be like us, Go and be something, you are special, not like us. For that reason, Pastor Brian has passion for inmates and street folks in his ministry.

The hand of God was upon Brian has he moved away from his family and all he had ever known since birth. Brian was in strange and unknown land, but he was not a stranger to the GOD who has promised him the GOOD LIFE, Just has GOD promised Abraham. Shortly, arriving in Atlanta, Brian was lead to a place called “Antioch” Baptist Church North where he quickly became “connected “. Brian continued received more teaching and ministry development under the leadership from the Honorable Dr. Rev. Cameron M. Alexander which he has been the pastor for over 50years. Under the mentoring of Rev. Alexander, Brian learned how to be Bible-based, Christ –Centered, Holy Spirit Led and Mission- Bound. Over the next 12yrs, Brian served on many ministries in the church, Jr Deacon, CMA Male Chorus, M.A.N (Men of Antioch North) M.A.D.D for Christ, Drama and Arts Ministry, Computer Support Ministry, Brian felt right at home. But GOD was not ready for Brian to get comfortable. For God has greater works planned for Brian.

As Brian grew in the knowledge of GOD’s plan for his life. Of course the enemy had attempted to change the course of Brian’s destiny. Pastor Brian has under gone some major attacks of the adversary. But, Now Pastor Brian stands victorious as David did against Goliath. Pastor Brian received the free gifts of the Holy Spirit under the Leadership of Pastor Mason Betha of  El Elyon Int’l Church (Atlanta, GA & Phoenix, AZ).

Pastor Brian has been blessed with spiritual covering as a Son of the Association of Independent Ministries (AIM). The very powerful ministry is lead by the Pastors “Like no other “Pastors Drs. I. V. & Bridget Hilliard they are pastors of the awesome NEW LIGHT CHRISTIAN CENTER (Houston, TX) “A church like on other”

Pastor Scott has heard from the FATHER, and he will obey. The Father has called him and his lovely wife Dominique to be the “GOOD LIFE PREACHERS” and not just preach it, teach it and live it. So they founded Good Life Int’l Church.

The mission of Good Life Int’t Church will “Teach” the believers about the “Promises” of GOD, “ Love “ the “COVENANT” of GOD and “LIVE” as manifestations of GOD. To declare to the world that only in Jesus Christ, Can you obtain the Divine “GOOD LIFE”.

Pastor Brian is married to the promised love of his life, Pastor Dominique A. Scott.
 The Scott’s are the proud parents of Jermicheal, Emmanuel, Brandy LaJoy, and TaylorJustice Lovejoy Scott. The Scott’s newest promise of God has arrived, TaylorJustice & Promise Zoe Lovejoy Scott has been added by God to the Good Life First Family.